Windshield Repair Services in Edmonton

Windshield Damage Repair Service In Edmonton

Windshield damage can be downright infuriating! Nothing can ruin a day faster than watching a truck ahead of you unknowingly launch a small projectile right at your vehicle, dinging or chipping your windshield. What was once a carefree day is quickly transformed into a massive headache.

That’s where we come in. Our windshield surgeons are experts in windshield repair. We are always here to help. With that said, you should know that the repair is not the correct solution for everyone. Sometimes the damage is so severe that it requires full replacement of the windshield.

In most cases, the damage to your windshield will be eligible for repair if it meets all of the following criteria:

  • The chip is no larger than a quarter.
  • There are no more than three chips on the windshield.
  • There is no damage within 5cm of the outside edge of the windshield.
  • There is no damage in the driver’s line of sight.

Why Use Our Service?

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    High Quality Service

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    Certified Technicians

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    Professional, Friendly Service

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    Repairs Done in Less than an Hour

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    Convenient Location

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    Timely Service

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    On-Location Mobile Service

Our Services Include

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    Rock Chip Repairs

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    Windshield Crack Replacement

  • Connector.Connector.

    Windshield Replacement

  • Connector.Connector.

    Replacement of Windshield Wiper Blades

  • Connector.Connector.

    Window Tinting

  • Connector.Connector.

    High-Quality Rain-Repellent Treatment

Why You Should Consider Repairing Your Windshield?

Some of you might be wondering why you would opt for repair over replacement. Here’s why:

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    Windshield Repairs Are More Affordable Than A Replacement

    Repairing a windshield is much more affordable that replacing it. That’s probably the main reason why people choose to have it repaired. In fact, some insurance coverage will allow for repair without any cost to you.

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    Small Windshield Damage Will Turn into Large Cracks

    This will turn an inexpensive repair into a costly replacement. That’s why windshield repair should be done immediately.

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    Windshield Repairs Are Quick

    Most of the time, a technician will repair your windshield in 30 minutes!

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    We Use the Highest-Quality Materials

    Our technician injects the highest-quality resin into your chip. It is then carefully polished to prevent further damage.

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    We Have A Windshield Repair Warranty!

    All of our repairs are backed by our warranty! They are also guaranteed to pass inspections.

Our quick auto glass repair service is easy to use and stress-free.

We will quickly turn that headache into a smile.

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Windshield Repair Service Types

We Have Two Windshield Repair Service Types in Edmonton and Surrounding Areas!

In-Shop Windshield Repair Service In Edmonton

If you choose our in-shop service, then you are going to bring your vehicle into our controlled environment. We are conveniently located to service Edmonton and surrounding areas. Our shop is set to the optimal temperature for application of adhesives, allowing them to set in the shortest amount of time.

Mobile Windshield Repair Service In Edmonton

Our expert technicians can come right to you, making it convenient to get your windshield repaired! We will schedule a date, time and location to set up a repair. If you’re worried that quality will suffer then don’t. Repairs done on location have the same high standards as those done in the shop. They are also backed by our 100% guarantee!

Our Windshield Repair Process

Here is the exact process we use for windshield repairs:

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    Removal of debris from the damaged area. This includes excess glass, moisture or dirt.

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    Sometimes it might be necessary to drill a small hole in the damaged area so that the resin can fill it more easily.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Injection of high-quality resin into the damaged area in order to seal and close it.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Use ultra-violet lighting to assist the resin’s hardening and ensure that it sets effectively.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Clean the repaired windshield.

Your windshield will be safe, secure and is covered by our 100% repair guarantee!

To handle the windshield repair service process smoothly, we have two different teams. You can contact with our windshield chip repair edmonton team or windshield crack repair edmonton team if you are sure about the problem or contact our customer care team.

If repair is not possible in any way, we can replace the windshield. See our windshield replacement edmonton service page for more details.

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Don’t Procrastinate!

Damage to your windshield (even a minor chip) can lead to some serious safety concerns. It’s important to have a properly installed windshield. Damage can compromise the structural support of the vehicle, putting you and your family at risk.

Your Windshield Plays An Important Role During A Collision.

During a crash, your windshield:

  • Prevents occupants from being thrown from the vehicle.
  • Is a backdrop that supports the deployment of the airbag.
  • Provides over half of the roof’s support in the event of a rollover crash.
  • Minor damage can cause the windshield to shatter.
Don’t Compromise The Safety Of You And Your Family! Contact Us Today For Your

Still Not Convinced? You Can Also Be Fined For Your Damaged Windshield!

There are several laws in Canada that cover the condition of a windshield. Even small chips can potentially be fined, especially if they impair the vision of the driver. These regulations are in place to protect everyone involved. Think about it; a damaged windshield doesn’t only put you at risk, but other drivers as well!

Let’s take one more look at why you should use repairing service of Pro Windshield Repair Edmonton Ltd

  • Windshield repairs are much more affordable than replacements.
  • Waiting too long will cause small chips to turn into cracks, forcing you to spend three times as much on a replacement.
  • Windshields can usually be repaired in half-an-hour.
  • Windshield damage can put your entire family at risk!
  • You can even be fined for windshield damage.
The longer you wait to repair your windshield, the more expensive it’s going to become.

Never Drive With A Damaged Windshield.

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Our 100% Repair Guarantee

Guarantee of Windshield Repair Edmonton Ltd
  • We will attempt to repair the damaged area again with this same guarantee in place.
  • We will credit the cost of the repair to a full windshield replacement. We give you the absolute best retail price possible.
  • We refund you 100% of the cost of the repair.

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