Do I Really Need A Professional To Do My Windshield Repair?

Do I Really Need A Professional To Do My Windshield Repair?

Let’s face it. The majority of vehicle owners who have a cracked windshield aren’t really going to spend their money at fix it immediately, though they should. Their first thought is using the services of those fast and cheap fix-it guys at their grocery store’s parking lot or buying a DIY windshield repair kit and doing it themselves. But are they saving money by doing so?

The Windshield Repair DIY Repair Solution: Pros and Cons

First, we’ll take a look at DIY kits. Their advantage is that you’re going to initially save money both on labor and product. Their disadvantage is that they result in you creating more problems than you solve.

Windshield Repair DIY kits
The reason being that it’s very difficult for the untrained eye to locate bubbles and remove them from the resin after it gets applied. After windshield crack repair, leaving bubbles behind makes the whole process futile since you haven’t made any repairs, you’ve put a band-aid over it in the hope that it will magically repair itself but it wont. What you have done is create a weak spot in a windshield that is already damaged.

Another reason to avoid using DIY windshield repair kits is your insurance company. Check your policy. Does it have glass coverage? If so, deciding to do the repairs by yourself may completely void your coverage. Experts restore the windshield’s integrity using industry-leading resins that your insurance company recognizes.

The Parking Lot Option: Pros And Cons

Now that the DIY kit doesn’t sound so good you might be thinking of using the parking lot guy to repair your windshield while you run in and do your shopping. It is certainly convenient and cheaper than seeing a professional but you get what you pay for.

Windshield crack and chip repairs need to be carried out in controlled conditions. For instance, the technician needs to take the windshield’s temperature and resin into account, and for the resin to cure properly; the environment must be dry and warm enough for it to cure. He also needs to be able to extract air bubbles out of the resin. Before the chip or crack is filled, the resin can harden as a result of the natural UV light and temperature which is why the environment needs to be controlled.

The automotive glass technician that is repairing your windshield or window is often the owner of the business and has many years of experience in windshield repair. If one the team members if repairing your windshield you will have peace of mind knowing that they have been trained to industry standards, are using the best quality products and that their work is supervised and protected by a warranty or guarantee.

Ignoring the Problem: Pros And Cons

Pretending that you don’t have a crack or chip in your windshield is only going to make the problem worse, and more expensive to fix in the long run. Cracks and chips expand over time and eventually turn into a bigger and more expensive job, maybe even a full windshield replacement. Even worse you are ignoring a weak spot in your windshield that could lead to it shattering and causing an accident at a later date. If you have a crack or chip greater than 12 mm you can even get a ticket in some countries and states and the ticket could cost you more than the repair.

Getting the Windshield Repair Job Done Right: Priceless

Getting a chip or a crack can be inconvenient but it can also be a road hazard to you, your passengers and other people using the road. Sure, it does cost a little more to have it fixed by a professional but you get what you pay for and it will more than likely save you money in the long run.

We believe that the pros of using a windshield professional to repair your windshield far outweigh the cons. If you want a job done properly go and visit the experts as you’ll have peace of mind, a warranty and it will save you money in the long term.

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